A diver welding underwater
A diver welding in a tank
Diver/welders in the NYD school
The staff at the Malaysian underwater welding school
Divers in Estonia displaying their underwater welds.
Diver preparing to weld underwater
David Keats by the hyperbaric chamber at NYD
Diver giving the thumbs up

Welding Procedure Approval at Weldcraft Pro

Welding Procedure Approvals

I am a fully accredited Zurich welding surveyor and can act as official witness for all your permanent joining processes. I can write and assist in the development of your welding procedures to the following standards:

  • BSEN ISO 15609-1: (Arc welding)
  • BSEN ISO 15609-2: (Gas welding)
  • BSEN ISO 15614-1: (Arc & gas welding of steels, nickel and nickel alloys)
  • BSEN ISO 15614-2: (Arc welding of aluminium and its alloys)
  • ASME IX (Boiler and pressure vessel code)
  • CAA (Chapter A8-10)

I can advise on all relevant codes, standards and specifications pertaining to your industry. I can also produce QA/QC documentation and provide working instructions for any welding application.

If you would like to learn more, please email the office at .


Image of a welding procedure being discussed Image of a welding procedure being drawn up Image of a horizontal pipe being welded

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